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Upstream Property Management specialises in management services of individual buildings and property portfolios. We offer a personalised service to each client, tailored to reflect their portfolio and their needs.

At Upstream Property Management, we believe in a hands-on approach and dedicate time to meet with you and discuss your portfolio and its performance. Upstream Property Management integrates with Upstream Property Solutions to provide account management responsibilities, advice and strategy.

We believe in transparency and provide access to both an online portal and mobile application so you can keep up-to-date on the status of your properties in real time. 


About Us

Upstream Property is an independent property advisory and transactional management firm. Some of the services provided are as follows:

Transactional management services to owners of commercial building encompassing: 

  • Lease transaction management
  • Transition management between the written agreement and physical occupation
  • Advice and strategy on commercial development and refurbishment projects
  • Sale transaction management

Property and facility management to residential and commercial owners

Transactional management services to Residential Developers encompassing:

  • Pre-commitment Sales Services
  • House and Land Package Sales

Lease renewal and relocation advice to commercial occupiers

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Nick Shinnick

T: +61 (0)413 126 888



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Nick Shinnick


David Shinnick
Senior Property Consultant | Senior Property Manager

T: +61 (0)422 685 309



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David Shinnick